What Do Chiropractors Help With?

Chiropractic is a complementary alternative medicine (CAM)  who use spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) along with various mobilization technique, soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and exercise rehabilitation in their treatment.

With  a 5  year University Bachelor of Science and Masters degree, they are trained with an emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and know when and when not to apply their skill in manipulation and when to refer for further medical assistance. Chiropractors are registered to take spinal xrays or directly refer to Radiology for their spinal xrays.

Chiropractors, in Australia, are part of the Enhanced Primary Care  (EPC) medicare system which allows chronic pain patients access to 5 free treatments under medicare. Please talk to your GP and ask for further advice.

Some Conditions of care include;

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Poor posture , balance and alignment associated with muscle tension or pain
  • Nerve pain syndromes
  • Torticollis or stiff “wry” neck
  • Sciatica or back pain with leg pain referral
  • Shoulder,  arm,  tennis elbow pain
  • Rib or breathing restrictions due to musculoskeletal misalignment
  • Disc and facet restriction, nerve irritation, “pinched” nerve
  •  Neck or cervicogenic Migraines and  related muscle or joint referred pain causing headaches
  • Knee problems; ligaments or meniscus
  • Ankle and Feet joint and muscular problems
  • Pregnancy related lumbo-pelvic pain which includes sciatica leg and back pain
  • Back  pain and dysfunction related to menstrual cycle problems, asthma, coughs, pelvic problems.

Please note this is NOT an exhaustive list but just more common reasons a patient may need to see a Chiropractor.